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HARDWOOD floors never go out of style and give any room in your home that classic, elegant feel.  Wood floors are long lasting and very easy to maintain.

TILE has such a wide variety of patterns, colors, and styles sure to add an unique touch to any room. You can easily make-over any area with new tile flooring, counter tops, entry way, or fire place.  We can install many different styles including: natural stone, ceramic, porcelain, and more!

LAMINATE is a very affordable and durable option in floor replacement.  It's wood-like appearance allows it to blend with any home decor, while the protective coating prevents scarring.

Interior Painting

An excellent way to drastically change the look of any interior is to update your wall paint.  We offer an unlimited assortment of colors textures, and
finishes to accomodate any design plan. 
The re-painting process typically involves 3 stages:
1. Removal of any loose paint and caulk
2. Repair all imperfections and prep surface
3. Apply primer, caulk, and paint to surface
We also offer an assortment of other
wall covering options.


We can patch a hole, repair water damage, or conceal cracks with such precision that no one will ever know it was there.  If you're interested in changing your surface texture our technicians specialize in smooth finish, faux finish, plaster, and knockdown. 
We also offer services in insulation removal  and replacenment including the newest insulation method known as spray foam.


Make the most of your space by adding a new closet, cabinets, or update your appliances.  Our team is prepared to perform any structural or technical upgrade to your home.

ECS Construction LLC is a full service company experienced in all areas of interior construction.  We can simply upgrade or completely renovate any space to fit your changing needs.  Our team of contractors work safely and efficiently in occupied spaces.  We can get the job done while taking every necessary precaution to protect your furniture and finishes, so why not enhance your interior with new: